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Capital city: Krogdnz. A former Communist state, Borovia is located in Central Europe. A GI Joe team was captured there, trying to free a US reporter arrested by the authorities. After the fall of Communism, it was renamed Borigia Krazny-Morengo, before collapsing into a civil war between the ‘Lower Borovians’ and ‘Upper Borovians’. This left the country ripe for Cobra’s conquest. It was liberated by Action Force in 1994. Borovia is bordered by Austria and Wolkekuckukland in the west, Darklonia and Trans-Carpathia in the east.


Borovia first appeared in GI Joe #66. It's location bordering Austria was established in Special Missions #6 when a State Security colonel was attempting to divine Outback's escape route. The description given however, is ludicrously huge, stating Borovia borders Austria and other democracies in the west, the Mid East to the south and Siberia in the east! I have decided it's a more appropriately sized small nation bordering Austria and the other fictional small European nations. The top flag is the non-Communist flag, based on the Czech one, the Communist flag is below.