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Welcome to the wiki. This is a wikia site for my GI Joe and Action Force fan-fiction previously posted on various Joe fan sites under several aliases. The fic are all set in what I tend to call 'The Combined Universe' as it combines elements from the Marvel US GI Joe series, the British Battle Action Force title - which started out using the UK Pallitoy characters, before shifting to largely GI Joe-starring stories, but often featuring UK characters as well - and the Marvel UK 'Action Force' titles, which actually featured the US GI Joe characters.

This wiki is NOT for anyone else to start adding anything to. I WILL delete all such pages as I find them.

The Combined Universe started in 2010, as a series of stories using Action Force, GI Joe and some of the South American exclusive characters in one combined continuity that was set between and after the comics stories. As well as the stories, the wiki provides information on the timeline of events, what counts and what doesn't and how it all works in The Conceit, information on the countries appearing in the stories and the organisations appearing: the good guy units and the villainous groups. Story pages also have behind the scenes info on what inspired the story and how they are connected.

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