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GI Joe Special Operations is the name I gave to a series of shorter stories aiming to feature more varied villains and heroes and to be quicker to read and for me to write. The idea was to have different enemies than just Cobra and the Red Shadows, hence me using the Headhunters and introducing The Coil, Skull Squad and the Black Dragons. Initially, the stories were going to be stand-alones, but as I was developing ideas I ended up creating an arc plot through several stories using The Coil and Skull Squad. The arc runs through the following stories in this order: Men of Action, The Coils of the Serpent, Operation Archangel Michael, Skulls in the Sand, The Hunted, Nuclear Oktober, High Seas Hijack, In Blackest Night, Real Scandinavian Heroes and The Kill Zone.


The GI Joe Special Operations series consists of:

Black Oktober Offshore Extortion The Coils of the Serpent
Scalped Ice War Operation Archangel Michael
Brownout! Skulls in the Sand The Hunted
Men of Action Nuclear Oktober High Seas Hijack
In Blackest Night The Raid Real Scandinavian Heroes
The Road to Yuma Robopocalypse The Kill Zone
Berserker Road A Woman's Touch Battle Below Zero