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Q-Force is the naval operations arm of Action Force, originally only three men formed the unit, Commander Leviathan, a Scottish Royal Navy officer, Frenchman Shark, the commando frogman and Phones, the Irish sonar and communications specialist. Q-Force has now expanded significantly, giving it greater capabilities, including a six-man Aquatrooper commando frogman unit, submersible attack craft, Killer WHALE hovercraft and two squadrons of fast jets, one of Skystrikers acting as long-range interceptors and modified F/A-18s, known as Ospreys, acting as naval strike fighters.

Key Personnel

Among Q-Force's personnel are:

Leviathan - Deep Sea diver and force commander, also acts as co-commander of the modified submarine Nautilus.

Dolphin - Welsh Royal Navy officer, commander of the Sea Lion submersible unit.

Shark - commander of the Aquatrooper team

Phones - sonar and communications specialist

Surfer - US Navy sailor who uses a modified jetski called the 'Sea Skimmer'.

Dive-plane - Royal Navy officer and co-commander of the Nautilus

Tomcat - US Naval aviator, leader of the Skystriker squadron

Razor - Canadian pilot, leader of the Osprey squadron


Q-Force appears in the following stories:

Heroic Commandos

War of the Red Shadows

Codename Shade

The Raid

Operation Bao

The Fall of Cobra

Steel Raptors

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