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SAS Force is the light strike and commando operations unit of Action Force. Commanded by Eagle, a British SAS Regiment officer, SAS Force have been at the forefront of Action Force's operations. Principally recruiting from Special Forces and counter-terrorist units, SAS Force specialise in manoeuvre warfare, commando raids and hostage rescue operations.

Key Personnel

Eagle - CO

Quickfire - German GSG9 commando, leads a four-man commando team

Stakeout - British small boat specialist, leads Boat Patrol.

Sparrowhawk - Belgian paratrooper, leads a specialist High Altitude Paratroop squad.

Hunter - Mexican Wolverine missile tank driver

Barracuda - French commando frogman, leads a four-man team

Beaver - Canadian covert attack and kayak specialist. Leads a four-man team

Chopper - US helicopter pilot

Blades - US helicopter pilot, usually flies the Hawk single-seat helicopter

Stalker - Icelandic rally driver turned commando.

Captain Bloodhound - British commando who leads the Advance Recon team

Captain Bulldog - British commando who leads the Airborne Spearhead team


SAS Force appears in the following stories:

War of the Red Shadows

Skulls in the Sand

High Seas Hijack

Operation Bao

The Fall of Cobra

Operation Cheetah

Real Scandinavian Heroes

International Heroes

Codename Bodycount

Codename Shade

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