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Space Force is the aerial and space force of Action Force. Initially concerned mainly with outer-space operations, including the manning of a space-station, Space Force later expanded to provide air support to the other arms. In 1985, the space-station was heavily damaged in a Cobra Europe attack. The station was subsequently abandoned in 1986, nearly resulting in the unit being closed down. Instead, Space Force began concentrating on providing air support with the newly delivered Skystrikers, whilst occasionally, conducting space missions using the Triad space planes. The discovery of a secret network of Cobra satellites and their spacecraft, led to Space Force being pushed back toward the stars, with a new space-station planned. By 1994, the new station was operational, but came under attack from Cobra Europe's Stellar Stilettos. The attack failed.

Space Force had initially taken delivery of two squadrons of Skystrikers. One squadron was later transferred to Q-Force, whilst in 1989, Space Force took delivery of their first Conquest X-30s. After much wrangling, they finally completed delivery of a full squadron's worth in 1995.

Key Personnel

Sky Raider - US pilot and astronaut, commander of Space Force.

Moon Dancer - Arab-born NASA astronaut and pilot. Lead Triad pilot.

Hot Jets - Russian astronaut. Lead pilot of the Cosmic Cruiser shuttle.

Blast-Off - Australian astronaut, leader of the space patrol.

Hawkwind - Swedish astronaut, head of space security.

Kiwi - New Zealander astronaut and lead engineer.

Hornet - US Naval aviator, leader of the Conquest X-30 squadron.

Tornado - German pilot, leader of the Skystriker squadron.

Thrust - US pilot/commando. Leader of the rocket-pack squad.

Pulsar - British pilot/commando. Leader of the Space Rangers commando squad.

Uplink - Bulgarian communications specialist.


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