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Special Weapons Force is the R&D group of Action Force, specialising in modifying and improving vehicles, weapons and equipment. Originally made up of only five personnel, the group now numbers nine. Most of the personnel are not field-deployed. SWF's work includes modifying various GI Joe vehicles to suit the needs of Action Force. These modifications include improvements to engines, fuel tanks, computer software, weapons and sensor gear. Amongst the vehicles so improved are: MOBAT/Z-Force battle tank, VAMP/SAS Force Panther jeep, AWE Striker/Recon Jeep used by Z-Force and SAS-Force, APC/Z-Force ATC, Mobile Missile System, FLAK/Z-Force Attack Cannon, Skystriker, Dragonfly attack helicopter and Tomahawk helicopter. SWF also created the Swordfish attack craft for Q-Force, the Z-Force jeep and the Space Force Cosmic Cruiser and Triad. Such vehicles are then built under license by companies like Land Rover, MARS Industries and others. SWF has also produced a series of modified near-silent weapons for use on covert operations and carries out testing and evaluations of possible new equipment like the V-22 tilt-rotor transport and the Sky Hawk VTOL jet craft.

Key Personnel

Prof. Anthony Bruce Richards, aka Boffin - British lead scientist.

Bombardier - American weapons of mass destruction specialist, former member of the Nuclear Emergency Search Team.

Lightning - American specialist in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Fixer - British mechanic and engineer.

Sniper - American specialist in non-lethal weapons.

Brains - British test-pilot for aircraft.

Egghead - British test driver for vehicles.

Bright-spark - Japanese naval test pilot - for boats.

Rupert - British officer, serves as liaison to command.


SWF personnel appear in these stories:

Operation Cheetah

Skulls in the Sand


Special Weapons Force was a fifth arm of Action Force that, for whatever reason, Pallitoy never put into production. The prototype figures were uncovered by Dave Tree, a member of Blood For the Baron and a toy historian. Dave also uncovered photos from a catalogue showing a different deco style for the figures and three vehicles. The full story can be found at The five figures were Boffin, a grey-haired, bearded, scientist; Lightning, Fixer and Sniper, three versions of the same figure mould and a redeco of the GI Joe figure Flash, named Bombardier. The vehicles in the catalogue photos are all redecos of Joe toys, the FLAK cannon, the VAMP jeep and the Mobile Missile System, which Bombardier was supposed to be packed with. In the end, none of the figures were released and the vehicles were later part of the line as the SASF Panther, SASF Mobile Missile System (with no figure) and the Z-Force Attack Cannon.

I created backgrounds and roles for the five characters to use in a different fan-fic I was writing. I then reused the characters in the Combined Universe, adjusted for the earlier time-frame (the other fic was set in the then near-future of 2010.) and later added Brains, Bright-Spark and Egghead. Rupert was based on a custom by BFTB member 'The Kraken Wakes'.