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Z-Force is the backbone of Action Force, providing the Infantry, Artillery, Airmobility and Armour forces. Commanded by Skip, a British officer, Z-Force specialises in more conventional warfare than their counterparts in SAS Force. Z-Force is equipped with tanks, armoured carriers, mobile artillery and both attack and transport helicopters.

Key Personnel

Skip - British CO

Quarrel - Swiss Intelligence specialist and biker

Wheels - Dutch jeep driver

Steeler - Greek tank commander

Breaker - Italian radio operator

Jammer - American communications and computers specialist

Tracker - Spanish Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist

Gaucho - Mexican mechanic

Scout - German EOD specialist

The Doc - Norwegian medical doctor


Z-Force appear in the following stories:

War of the Red Shadows

The Fall of Cobra

International Heroes

Heroic Commandos

Operation Cheetah

Codename Shade

Berserker Road

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